Teen Resources

I’ve recently partnered up with Kids Yoga Stories to create some products in order to support our most vulnerable-aged humans – Our Teenagers – through this crucial point in their lives.

Teenage Years are full of insecurities and worries.

And, since COVID made its appearance, these insecurities and worries have amplified! 

Teenagers NEED support.

It’s my hope that these resources will provide them with the support and guidance they so desperately need.

Check out the Kids Yoga Stories Teen Resources below!

Gratitude Cards for Teens

50 Prompts for Cultivating Gratitude & Appreciation for the Little Things in Life

What is Gratitude?

Gratitude is an expression of thanks! Feeling appreciation for ourselves, others and the things in our lives.

Gratitude is contagious! Using these cards will give your teen the opportunity to feel good by being grateful!

Gratitude Journal for Teens

12 weeks of gratitude journal prompts, reflection questions, breathing exercises, positive affirmations & more!

Welcome to your Teens Gratitude Journal!

Here, you will find a variety of questions—for morning and night—to leave you feeling grateful for the things you might normally take for granted.

This journal helps teens develop a growth mindset and discover the power of gratitude through simple questions and exercises. 

Self-Love Cards for Teens

50 Prompts for Cultivating Self-Love, Self-Acceptance & Boosting Confidence

What is Self-Love?

Self-love is when we are aware of our own well-being and happiness. It is taking the necessary steps to appreciate and give back to ourselves.

With these cards, your teen will begin to discover new ways of showing love to themselves.

Why Pick One When You Can Have Them ALL?!

With the Mindful Teen’s Pack!

You’ll get all 3 teen resources,
PLUS a bonus Self-Appreciation Yoga poster!