The Tree Spot

‘The Tree Spot’ is My First
Picture Book!

On this page, you can preview the beginning of my story and make a donation if you’d like to see it become a physical reality! Funds donated will go directly towards the illustrations and publishing.

I began writing ‘The Tree Spot’ back in 2016. It started off as a passion project. I have always loved writing! I had quite the imagination as a young girl. In Elementary school, I used to write my own songs, a mystery book ‘series’, and many realistic fiction short stories… for fun! I very much enjoyed (and still do) channeling my past experiences to craft stories and build characters that I could relate to.

My passion for story writing was reignited many years later, back in the classroom, but this time.. as an adult!

My teaching partner got me hooked on picture books! I loved the simplicity and creativity that picture books hold. With each picture book I read, I uncovered a new and powerful lesson. Although picture books are created for and read to kids, I realized they held powerful messages for ALL humans- regardless of age.

And the more that I read them to our little class, the more I realized, I wanted to write my very own! Because I had my own powerful message I wished to share with the world…

Based on a True Story…

My inspiration for writing this book came from my very own special spot in the trees..

I’ve always been a wild child at heart.. Preferring to escape into the woods and let my imagination run wild. Being born and raised in the city, I found hidden nature spots and always felt drawn to particular trees.

In 2015, I followed my heart into the woods.. I moved an hour outside of the city of Edmonton and found a home on a beautiful acreage near a town called Entwistle, Alberta.

This move was, by far, the single best thing to ever happen to me. I felt closer to nature than I had ever felt before! I could escape the busy city each day and retreat to the solitude of my acreage. It was here, on this acreage, where I found my very own special Tree Spot…

Every day after work, regardless of the weather, I would head out into my trees (usually after switching into my cozy cat onesie pyjamas) to be recharged by the natural world. Sometimes I’d bring a book along with me, or some music to dance to. Other times, I’d sit and watch the sunset with my cats and dogs from those very trees.

I spent the majority of my time on the acreage in this spot in the trees. Even adding a table and chair for comfort. And carving out a little path with some fallen branches. These trees and I had a special connection. A connection that no one could take away..

Or so I thought…

The day I came home and saw that my trees were destroyed. I looked down and found this wood chip… what was left of my Tree Spot.

Sadly, our neighbours sold a portion of their land to a large industrial company. And in May of 2017, I came home to witness the destruction of my Tree Spot…

There was apparently an issue with the fence line, and MY trees supposedly were a part of the new development’s land. And so, without any warning or consent, a builder came onto my property while I was at work, removed my furniture from my trees and heartlessly plowed them down…

My heart aches for those trees. It still does, after all these years.

Although they are gone, I still feel the connection deep in my heart.

The builder may have physically destroyed my trees, but he could not destroy the love I had for them. He could not take away our connection.

And so, this picture book is not only inspired by them, but is also dedicated to them. They gave so much life back to me, so much love and warmth. I would not be who I am today without them.

So, this one is for you.. MY Tree Spot.

The clearest way into the Universe, is through a Forest Wilderness.

John Muir

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