The Tree Spot

The Tree Spot

By Cassandra Troughton

Join our friend, Willow, on an adventure to her special
little Tree Spot in the woods!
Here, she will teach you all about the magic of nature!

Story Preview:

There once was a little child of Earth, named Willow.

You could easily pick her out in a crowd; her hair long and wild, and patches of dirt on her rosy cheeks.

Willow looked a little different than the other children of Earth. And she saw the world a little differently too…

Willow noticed things about the world around her that she just didn’t quite understand.

In her city littered with buildings, the humans went about their days minding their own business; not bothering to notice the other Earthlings struggling around them.

Everyone in Willow’s world was distant and everything around her felt… disconnected.

Because of this, Willow spent most of her time alone in her special tree spot. Every day, she’d wander down to a secluded forest in the middle of a clearing where she looked forward to being surrounded by the magical natural world…

Where all of nature belonged to Willow.

And she belonged to nature…

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2 thoughts on “The Tree Spot”

    1. I like Joseph Campbell. I’ve read one or his books recently. Or actually, it was a book put together by someone he mentored I believe. A compilation of some of his work. Thanks Dan. I appreciate that. I am most definitely following my bliss. I can definitely reach out to Robin to see if she might be interested in working on this book with me. Thanks for the suggestion.


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