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Catching The Travel Bug: 11 Epiphanies I Had During My Trip to Mexico

Miss T. here!

Back from Mexico and feeling REFRESHED!

It’s been about a week since I returned home. I took the last week off to slowly ease back into my normal routine. 

Now that I’m back in full swing, I’m going to share with you some ‘aha’ moments that I had during my travels to Mexico! 

I want to preface this by saying… 

I’m Not Well Traveled…

In fact, this was only the second time that I had left the country at all. The first time being my trip to Las Vegas (And let me tell you, that was not really much of a cultured experience… 😛)

This was my first real experience diving right into a brand new culture – A new way of living… 

It was breathtaking… 

And left me feeling extra grateful for the sights I’d seen, things I experienced, and lessons I learned…

So –

I’m going to take a moment right here and share with you… 

11 Epiphanies I Had While I Was Away In Mexico: 


Let’s get into it!

1. Simplicity Is A Beautiful Thing

I mean, I knew this before… But this reality became that much more apparent being in a country doesn’t necessarily put convenience on a pedestal (Other than maybe at the resorts – which I did not stay at 😛). Rather, it emphasizes the simple things in life… Like being one with the natural wild surroundings, an abundance of art, culture and oneness of the community…

“Simplicity is the highest form of sophistication”
-Leonardo Da Vinci

2. Best Way To Learn A Language? Immerse Yourself In It!

I’ve heard this before, but this was the first time I ever experienced its truth! I had SO much more of an opportunity to learn Spanish just by speaking with the locals! (Or attempting to speak it… 😛) They also appreciate it a whole lot more than my family does – Not that my family doesn’t appreciate it, they just make fun of my Spanish a lot more… The locals might be thinking “that silly white girl”, but they sure aren’t saying it! They’re quite happy that people try!

[Side Realization: I still need to get better at Spanish and Duolingo just ain’t cutting it! – Might be time to hire a tutor!]

3. There Is Nothing More Magical Than The Jungle 

Sights, sounds and ALL! Oh man I love the forest, but the jungle… Oh, that jungle… Waking up each morning and doing yoga on the rooftop patio, looking out to the jungle span across our backyard was something I can’t quite explain. Hearing the exotic bird noises, the rustle of the wind through the trees, and watching our monkey friends swing across the trees each day on their journey to who knows where. Going into the jungle… Getting up close and personal with it… Oh man – I have NO words! 

4. Turns Out, I’m Not As Afraid Of The Ocean As I Thought…

Okay… I’m still actually afraid, because come on, who the heck ACTUALLY knows what’s down there?! That being said, I thought I was too afraid to go into the ocean at all… I anticipated not stepping foot into the deep waters… But apparently, when the water is crystal clear and the most magical turquoise, it’s actually quite inviting! (Oh, and did I mention WARM?!) SO AMAZING! Loved each moment I spent swimming there. And surprisingly, I wish I had a bit more time in the ocean! 😛

5. There ARE Vegan Options In Mexico 

A week before we left for Mexico, a thought hit me… I turned to Pete and asked him “Will we even be able to eat in Mexico?!” Haha, considering my Spanish family and background… and knowing what my family eats, I thought we were poop-out-of-luck! (Might have just had to forage for food in the jungle along with the monkeys… 😛) BUT – as luck would have it, there ARE vegan options, and vegan restaurants, and surprisingly… more than one! Haha, we ate well! Who would have thought?! 

6. What’s Underneath The Earth Is A Total Mystery

Have you ever seen a Cenoté? Considering I’m behind the times in traveling, my guess is you might have if you’ve ever been to Mexico (Or wherever else you can find Cenotés). And if you’ve never been… It’s an amazingly gorgeous cave that’s hidden right below your feet!!! The most unreal place in the world. RIGHT BELOW YOUR FEET!  It’s trippy to think a mere hole in the ground hiding such a magical place beneath the surface. It’s left me pretty curious about what else might be below our feet… 

7. The Sun in Mexico is REALLY Hot – You WILL Burn 

Yes, it’s true! Even with Spanish blood running through my veins, it did not protect me from the heat of the sun’s rays… All it took was  beach day and I was as red as a lobster! AND I even wore sunscreen (which I rarely do because I have serious concerns about the chemicals found in SPF’s). But this time, I made an exception… And I still burned. Next time, I’ll spend more time in the shade. Lesson learned.

8. People Don’t Listen To Signs… But They Will Listen To Topés! 

Tell people to slow down, and they won’t. Put up a giant speed bump at EVERY block and they WILL slow down. I’ve never seen so many speed bumps in my life! Haha, but the honest practicality of them made me giggle and think to myself “Oh yea, that makes sense!” Why put up a “slow down” sign when you can simply build a topé (speedbump)?! 😛

9. Travel More! EXPERIENCE MORE!

This trip left me thinking, “Why have I spent every Winter in Canada for the last 30 years?!” It’s time to get out into the world and travel! Get the hell out of the freezing cold winter, hop on a plane and surround myself in sunshine and new culture. Traveling to Mexico specifically made me want to experience other Spanish cultures too! I think a trip to South America is in my near future… Plus, since I work online these days… There is nothing holding me back! I can work from wherever I want in the world if I really want to! On my way to becoming a digital nomad!!

10. Sunrises And Sunsets In Mexico Are 1000x Better!

Sunrises and sunsets are gorgeous no matter where you are in the world. But let me tell you – They are 1000x better when you’re sitting on the rooftop, overlooking the jungle, listening to the sounds of exotic birds around you, coffee in your hand and you’ve got no place to be and nothing to do… (Okay, well except work, but even that ain’t so bad when you’re in Mexico! 😉) 

11. Plan For A Future In Mexico

Yes, Pete and I spent 5 days in Mexico and already had a plan to one day build a home there.. That’s all it took to sell us! (For marketers, we’re easy sells! 😛) We love the heat, the jungle (and there being SO much of it), the language, the culture, the simplicity, the ocean, and the food!! (Did I mention that fruits and veggies are also freaking fantastic in Mexico?!) We decided it’s the perfect place for us one day! 

Hope you enjoyed reading my Mexico epiphanies!

Until next time!

With love,

Miss T.

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