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How Heart Coherence Changes Your Life: Simple Practices with Big Benefits

Let’s talk about Heart Coherence!

You’ve heard me preach it before (And I promise you, this won’t be the last time either 😉)…

What is Heart Coherence?

Heart coherence is used to describe a state of harmony and balance between the heart, mind, and body. 

In this state of balance and harmony, our heart rhythm pattern becomes highly ordered, and this has some seriously amazing implications on our health and mental wellbeing!

According to the HeartMath Institute, heart coherence has been shown to reduce stress, improve immune function, and enhance cognitive performance. 

Heart Coherence leads to a sense of calm, clarity, focus, and resilience.

All of this means less sick days, a better memory recall, more peace in your life, and…

A happier, healthier you!

Who wouldn’t want that?

(Now you understand why I preach Heart Coherence – Because I want this so bad for YOU too!)

Okay, so we know what Heart Coherence is… And how it can benefit us…

But HOW do we get into this state? 

Don’t worry, it’s not as complicated as it sounds!

In fact, here are three simple mindfulness practices you can try today:

First up, Heart-Focused Breathing. 

This technique involves breathing in and out through your heart center. This helps you shift your focus away from distracting thoughts, and allows you to focus on the present moment instead. 

By shifting your focus to the present moment of your heart beating, you create a positive emotional state. You increase the coherence between your heart and brain. And it will leave you feeling calm, centered, and ready to tackle whatever comes your way!

Next, Let’s Talk Gratitude. 

Practicing gratitude is all about shifting your focus from negative thoughts to positive ones. 

By focusing on things you’re grateful for, you activate the heart’s electromagnetic field, leading to a state of coherence! Not only does it feel great to appreciate the good in life, but you’re also attracting more positivity into your world.

Last But Not Least, The Quick Coherence Meditation Technique. 

This guided meditation technique, by The HeartMath Institute, is designed to help you achieve a state of coherence by synchronizing your heart and brain rhythms – and QUICKLY!

This technique has been shown to help reduce stress, improve sleep, and enhance cognitive performance. Plus, it’s a great way to connect with your intuition, creativity, and inner wisdom.

To learn more about this meditation for this right here.

Or check out their guided meditation on Youtube here:

So, there you have it! Simple enough right?!

So simple that you can do it TODAY!

And by incorporating these simple practices into your daily routine, you can create a sense of calm and balance in your life. 

“When your heart is coherent, you’re more in tune with your intuition, your creativity, and your inner wisdom.” 

-HeartMath Institute

So please, take a few minutes each day to tune into your heart, and just watch how it transforms your life.

Heart coherence is truly a beautiful thing…

With love,

Miss T.

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Catching The Travel Bug: 11 Epiphanies I Had During My Trip to Mexico

Miss T. here!

Back from Mexico and feeling REFRESHED!

It’s been about a week since I returned home. I took the last week off to slowly ease back into my normal routine. 

Now that I’m back in full swing, I’m going to share with you some ‘aha’ moments that I had during my travels to Mexico! 

I want to preface this by saying… 

I’m Not Well Traveled…

In fact, this was only the second time that I had left the country at all. The first time being my trip to Las Vegas (And let me tell you, that was not really much of a cultured experience… 😛)

This was my first real experience diving right into a brand new culture – A new way of living… 

It was breathtaking… 

And left me feeling extra grateful for the sights I’d seen, things I experienced, and lessons I learned…

So –

I’m going to take a moment right here and share with you… 

11 Epiphanies I Had While I Was Away In Mexico: 


Let’s get into it!

1. Simplicity Is A Beautiful Thing

I mean, I knew this before… But this reality became that much more apparent being in a country doesn’t necessarily put convenience on a pedestal (Other than maybe at the resorts – which I did not stay at 😛). Rather, it emphasizes the simple things in life… Like being one with the natural wild surroundings, an abundance of art, culture and oneness of the community…

“Simplicity is the highest form of sophistication”
-Leonardo Da Vinci

2. Best Way To Learn A Language? Immerse Yourself In It!

I’ve heard this before, but this was the first time I ever experienced its truth! I had SO much more of an opportunity to learn Spanish just by speaking with the locals! (Or attempting to speak it… 😛) They also appreciate it a whole lot more than my family does – Not that my family doesn’t appreciate it, they just make fun of my Spanish a lot more… The locals might be thinking “that silly white girl”, but they sure aren’t saying it! They’re quite happy that people try!

[Side Realization: I still need to get better at Spanish and Duolingo just ain’t cutting it! – Might be time to hire a tutor!]

3. There Is Nothing More Magical Than The Jungle 

Sights, sounds and ALL! Oh man I love the forest, but the jungle… Oh, that jungle… Waking up each morning and doing yoga on the rooftop patio, looking out to the jungle span across our backyard was something I can’t quite explain. Hearing the exotic bird noises, the rustle of the wind through the trees, and watching our monkey friends swing across the trees each day on their journey to who knows where. Going into the jungle… Getting up close and personal with it… Oh man – I have NO words! 

4. Turns Out, I’m Not As Afraid Of The Ocean As I Thought…

Okay… I’m still actually afraid, because come on, who the heck ACTUALLY knows what’s down there?! That being said, I thought I was too afraid to go into the ocean at all… I anticipated not stepping foot into the deep waters… But apparently, when the water is crystal clear and the most magical turquoise, it’s actually quite inviting! (Oh, and did I mention WARM?!) SO AMAZING! Loved each moment I spent swimming there. And surprisingly, I wish I had a bit more time in the ocean! 😛

5. There ARE Vegan Options In Mexico 

A week before we left for Mexico, a thought hit me… I turned to Pete and asked him “Will we even be able to eat in Mexico?!” Haha, considering my Spanish family and background… and knowing what my family eats, I thought we were poop-out-of-luck! (Might have just had to forage for food in the jungle along with the monkeys… 😛) BUT – as luck would have it, there ARE vegan options, and vegan restaurants, and surprisingly… more than one! Haha, we ate well! Who would have thought?! 

6. What’s Underneath The Earth Is A Total Mystery

Have you ever seen a Cenoté? Considering I’m behind the times in traveling, my guess is you might have if you’ve ever been to Mexico (Or wherever else you can find Cenotés). And if you’ve never been… It’s an amazingly gorgeous cave that’s hidden right below your feet!!! The most unreal place in the world. RIGHT BELOW YOUR FEET!  It’s trippy to think a mere hole in the ground hiding such a magical place beneath the surface. It’s left me pretty curious about what else might be below our feet… 

7. The Sun in Mexico is REALLY Hot – You WILL Burn 

Yes, it’s true! Even with Spanish blood running through my veins, it did not protect me from the heat of the sun’s rays… All it took was  beach day and I was as red as a lobster! AND I even wore sunscreen (which I rarely do because I have serious concerns about the chemicals found in SPF’s). But this time, I made an exception… And I still burned. Next time, I’ll spend more time in the shade. Lesson learned.

8. People Don’t Listen To Signs… But They Will Listen To Topés! 

Tell people to slow down, and they won’t. Put up a giant speed bump at EVERY block and they WILL slow down. I’ve never seen so many speed bumps in my life! Haha, but the honest practicality of them made me giggle and think to myself “Oh yea, that makes sense!” Why put up a “slow down” sign when you can simply build a topé (speedbump)?! 😛

9. Travel More! EXPERIENCE MORE!

This trip left me thinking, “Why have I spent every Winter in Canada for the last 30 years?!” It’s time to get out into the world and travel! Get the hell out of the freezing cold winter, hop on a plane and surround myself in sunshine and new culture. Traveling to Mexico specifically made me want to experience other Spanish cultures too! I think a trip to South America is in my near future… Plus, since I work online these days… There is nothing holding me back! I can work from wherever I want in the world if I really want to! On my way to becoming a digital nomad!!

10. Sunrises And Sunsets In Mexico Are 1000x Better!

Sunrises and sunsets are gorgeous no matter where you are in the world. But let me tell you – They are 1000x better when you’re sitting on the rooftop, overlooking the jungle, listening to the sounds of exotic birds around you, coffee in your hand and you’ve got no place to be and nothing to do… (Okay, well except work, but even that ain’t so bad when you’re in Mexico! 😉) 

11. Plan For A Future In Mexico

Yes, Pete and I spent 5 days in Mexico and already had a plan to one day build a home there.. That’s all it took to sell us! (For marketers, we’re easy sells! 😛) We love the heat, the jungle (and there being SO much of it), the language, the culture, the simplicity, the ocean, and the food!! (Did I mention that fruits and veggies are also freaking fantastic in Mexico?!) We decided it’s the perfect place for us one day! 

Hope you enjoyed reading my Mexico epiphanies!

Until next time!

With love,

Miss T.

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Self-Talk: Why What We Say to Ourselves Matters

When was the last time YOU took inventory of your thoughts?

Specifically – The thoughts you have about YOURSELF…

Our Internal Dialogue

Self-talk is the voice inside our heads that commentates our life.

This internal commentator shares its thoughts on our actions, on our decisions, on our personality and even, our looks… It always seems to have an opinion…

And I’m going to be honest with you here… It’s not always the kindest opinion – It’s often a judgemental opinion. 

Our self-talk develops and changes based on our past experiences, and the people we spent the most time with. It develops based on how the people around us, especially those closest to us, spoke about themselves. 

Over time, this self-talk becomes deeply ingrained in us.  

We don’t always think about its implications, because of it being deeply ingrained into our system. We tend to dismiss the impact our self-talk has on our lives. 

In reality: The things that we say to ourselves matter. 

It matters because these things manifest our reality… They way we talk to ourselves shows up in our mental and physical wellbeing…

Negative Self-Talk: An Unhealthy Pattern

Negative self-talk pops into our heads in the form of self-criticism, doubt, and negativity. 

All too commonly, we tell ourselves: 

  • “I’m not good enough.” 
  • “I always mess things up.”  
  • “I’ll never be able to do it.” 

We set ourselves up for failure with such unkindness about ourselves.

By continually engaging in negative self-talk, we create a self-fulfilling prophecy that reinforces our negative beliefs and behaviours. 

We reinforce the cycle of negative self-talk. 

Escaping the Cycle

What about positive self-talk, then? 

It is an optimistic and encouraging internal dialogue that promotes self-confidence and self-esteem.

Positive self-talk sounds like this:

  • “I can do this.” 
  • “I am capable.” 
  • “I am worthy of love and respect.” 

This kind of self-talk helps us overcome obstacles, achieve goals, and maintain a positive outlook on life. Most importantly, it helps us to love and accept ourselves for who we are.

We can harness the power of positive-self talk to reverse the cycle.

Change is Hard… But NOT Impossible.

Trust me, I get it… Growing up in this day and age, in this world, poses a real challenge to unleash our confidence. To be vulnerable. An to accept ourselves for who we are.

It’s much easier to revert back to our deeply ingrained patterns of negative self-talk.

Our subconscious holds onto this pattern tightly – It doesn’t want to let the negative self-talk go. It’s all it knows after all… 

This negative pattern becomes our default mode. 

Here’s the thing: We CAN reverse this pattern. We CAN rewire our brains with a NEW default mode.

To rewire our brain and get ourselves out of this negative self-talk pattern, we need to do some serious brain training.

It’s time we become intentional about our positive self-talk!

We can interrupt self-defeating thoughts by redirecting to positive ones. 

Look, I’m not saying we’ve got to be perfect all. the. time.

We are human after all. Flaw is a part of our design.

But –

If we can begin to be conscious of these thoughts and redirect ourselves to choosing new thoughts, this is the start of a beautiful new life…

It’s as simple as catching yourself the next time you tell yourself: “Ugh, I’m so stupid…”, taking a pause (maybe a deep breath) and then re-telling yourself:

“Okay, I’m not stupid, it was only just a mistake. I’m actually a smart human who makes great choices. We’re all entitled to mistakes.” 

Manageable, right?

And the more we can get into the habit of catching ourselves, and redirecting ourselves, our brain will begin to change… And a new default mode takes over the subconscious mind!

I Used To Tell My Students

“Would you say those things to your best friend?”

The answer is almost always no. 

It’s easy to show compassion to our friends, why is it so hard to show compassion to ourselves?

I’m going to let you in on one last secret: You will be the best and longest friend YOU will ever have. 

You will always be there for you.

So, nurture the friendship you have with yourself well. It’s the most important friendship you’ll ever have. 

With love,

Miss T.

Mindfulness, Mindset

The Power of the Mind: Understanding How Beliefs Shape Our Reality

What if I told you that your reality was a lie?

Okay, not an actual lie –

But what might seem true to you, isn’t necessarily true for everyone. 

You only perceive it as true, because that’s all you know. It’s the only reality you’ve been exposed to.

Here’s the thing:

Over the course of our lives, our subconscious mind ingests everything around us. It ingests every experience, it ingests rules set by your parents growing up, it ingests rules imposed by society, it ingests the things we hear on the news, and the things we’ve read. 

The list goes on and on…

Now these external factors influence our perception and our beliefs. These perceptions and beliefs become established and engrained in our subconscious mind – To the point that we accept them as our true reality. 

Our subconscious mind accepts these beliefs as our reality.  

The Mind Can Be Programmed

In fact, it already has been programmed! 

From the moment we are born, our minds are programmed with certain beliefs and perspectives based on the information and experiences that are fed to us. 

And it continues to be programmed and reprogrammed based on the information and experiences you take in on the daily!

Our minds are easily influenced by the world around us. 

The thing is, our minds are incredibly powerful tools that have the ability to shape our reality. They shape our perceptions of reality and the beliefs systems we carry with us throughout our life.

Society Conditions Us from the Moment We Are Born

Society is one of the biggest influencers of our belief systems. 

The minute we take our first breath on this Earth, we are conditioned to believe certain things about the world and about ourselves. Society teaches us what is acceptable and what is not, what is possible and what is impossible, and what is true and what is false. 

Societal conditioning poses its limits on us…

We believe we are limited beings with limited potential. But this is far from true.

We have the power to rise above these self-imposed limits. 

The mind can be re-programmed just as easily as it was programmed. 

With awareness, we can rewire our minds to new possibilities and reach our full potential as human beings.

Reprogramming The Subconscious Mind 

It takes a conscious mind to reprogram the subconscious mind. 

A consistent and unrelenting conscious mind. 

Reprogramming requires a conscious effort and a willingness to let go of old beliefs that no longer serve us.

Instead, we can focus on new beliefs, take in new information, experience new experiences  and completely change reality for ourselves.

By thinking new thoughts and shifting into new experiences, we can literally change the way our brain works. 

Simply by being conscious of our thoughts and the information we feed our mind, and by making a conscious effort to shift it – To experience new things, read new books, and turn off the dang news…

We build new neural connections in our brains. We form new neural patterns. We form a whole new belief system.

We completely reprogram our subconscious mind…

Understanding The Power of Belief Systems

The takeaway is this: Our beliefs shape our perceived reality – They can limit us, or enhance us.

Our beliefs are like a lens through which we view the world, and what we see is a reflection of those beliefs. 

If we believe that the world is a place of scarcity, we will see scarcity everywhere. 

But if we believe that the world is abundant, we will see abundance everywhere. 

Our beliefs have a direct impact on what we attract into our lives, so it’s important to be mindful of the beliefs that we hold.

And even more important than simply being mindful of the beliefs we hold, to be mindful of the fact that we are capable of CHOOSING what beliefs we hold.

You are not powerless. 

You have the ability to shape your reality. YOU can shape and filter your beliefs. One conscious thought at a time..

You are The Creator of Your Own Reality

You are the creator of your own reality and hold the power to shape your beliefs and perspectives. 

You can reprogram your subconscious mind. 

You can create the reality you wish for yourself and free yourself from the confined restraints society had pre-imposed on you. You can expand your thinking. 

So, embrace your inner power.

Be conscious. 

And make the conscious choice to change your reality if it’s no longer serving you.

Because, now you know, it is completely possible! 🙂 

With love,

Miss T.

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Life Is A Classroom: Why Learning is Necessary Beyond the Classroom Walls

Earlier this month, we chatted about intentions

And seeing that it’s still January, let’s elaborate a little more about starting the New Year off with intentions!

Why Intentions and NOT Resolutions?

I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m not a big fan of resolutions…

I find the idea of a new year’s resolution tends to be overwhelming. And more often than not, they set us up for failure. 

We build up this idea in our mind of all the goals we’ll crush and all the things we’ll accomplish, and when we fall short (even just a tad), we get down on ourselves. We give up.

For myself, I prefer to focus on setting intentions. For the year ahead. As well as for the day ahead.

An intention is a guiding principle or mindset that you want to adopt, rather than a specific goal. It can be a feeling you want to feel. Or the energy you want to bring with you into the year ahead.

There are many different ways to set an intention (and a whole lot less rules than setting goals or resolutions 😉)

Last week, I shared my intention setting with the help of the Dan Sullivan Question. This particular intention was geared towards the next three years of my life.

But for 2023… 

I Decided on Setting an Intention with my ‘Word of the Year’

This year, I’ve chosen my intentional word as “growth.” 

I’ve finally hit a point in my life where I’ve come to realize that we are always growing and always learning.

That we are meant to always grow and learn.

And that comfort and stagnation are not a part of our journey. There never will be a final comfortable destination in this beautiful human experience…

There will never be a point reached where we’ll say: “Okay, that’s it, I’ve learned all there is to learn in this life. I’m complete.”

It’s just not going to happen.

So instead, I’ll embrace the forever growth.

(Side note: Growth is not always linear… It’s more like a cycle… Like nature moving through seasons, our growth changes. Sometimes we grow up towards the sky. Other times we take a step back and shed our leaves. But even during those step backs, we grow from them. It is all part of the growth process.)

So this year, to follow through with my intentional word, I plan to say yes to the things I’ve always wanted to learn and try.

To start saying yes to the things I’ve always said:

“One day, I’d like to learn this…”

“One day, I’d like to try that…”

And we all know that “one day” just keeps slipping further away.

Until it never happens at all.

And let me tell you, I’m done putting off growth.

In the last quarter of 2022, I read the book “The 12 Week Year” by Brian P. Moran and Michael Lennington. This book shed some light on the fact that I have more time than I ever thought. That we all have more time than we think. 

And we are always capable of learning and growing – especially if it is something we prioritize because we truly desire it for ourselves.

I Desire Growth 

And I will do what it takes to keep this intentional promise I made with myself…

This year, I’ll be trying a whole lot of new things.

And learning a LOT more of the things I’ve always wanted to learn.

I hope that by sharing my intention of growth, it will inspire you to set your own intentions for the year. And to embrace the idea of forever growing.

Life Really Is One Big Giant Classroom.

Embrace each opportunity to learn and grow! Or MAKE your own opportunities!

I’m ready to make this year one of growth, one of trial and error, and one of learning from mistakes.

And perhaps, you’ll join me! 😉

With love,

Miss T.

Mindfulness, Mindset, self-development

New Year, New Intentions: The SINGLE, Most Powerful Question You Can Ask Yourself in 2023

Happy New Year! 

I just love ringing in the New Year! It offers me a time to reflect…

So much has happened over this past year.

A lot of lows that turned into highs. 

A lot of synchronicities that I’m glad I followed. Even if they were heartbreaking at first. 

I was Forced to Pivot and Head into the Unknown…

But I’m grateful for them all! Every single experience…

Because they led me to where I am now. 

And boy, am I ever happy to be here. Right here. 

With Each New Year that Rolls Around,
We Reflect and then Redirect.

We redirect our paths. We set new goals for ourselves – To help along in this beautiful journey we’re all on. 

Yes, I goal set too. But, I don’t typically wait for the start of a new year to set goals.

I set them all the time! 

I Love Setting Goals. Crushing Goals. Changing Goals. 

It’s all part of the process of life. 

What I LOVE to do at the start of the year, though, is set my intentions. 

My intentions, not just for the year ahead, but for my future self.

I align myself with where my spirit wants to take me. I breathe in my intentions fully. 

In an attempt to live my intentions wholeheartedly

And yes, while you could say goals and intentions are one in the same – I consider them slightly different.

Goals are SPECIFIC – They have a beginning and an end.

Whereas my intentions are in alignment with my purpose, my mission (and are slightly more general).

I Read a Book at the End of 2022 that Helped me Set My Intentions Moving Forward

The book is titled: The Dan Sullivan Question, by (you guessed it!) Dan Sullivan.

It asks one simple question…

(Turns out, it’s not simple at all, but it sure is thought provoking!)

The question goes like this: 

“If we were having this discussion three years from today, and you were looking back over those three years, what has to have happened in your life, both personally and professionally, for you to feel happy with your progress?”



It sure makes you think! 

I spent some time sitting with this question… I reflected on it. I journaled it. 

After doing so, I now know the obstacles that are in my way. And I know what strengths I’ll need to harness to overcome them. 

I feel like I have a direction. I know my path.

This question provided a whole lot of clarity for me. 

Which is why I’m sharing it with you! 

I hope you can find some clarity with this question too! And take that clarity with you into 2023.

Feel free to meditate on it. Journal it. Contemplate it. 

Most importantly, realign with it often! 

(I’ve already stuck a sticky note on my desk to remind me each time I need to come back to it! To refocus on the bigger mission ahead…)

And if you’re up for it…. Share your contemplations with me! 

I’d love to hear YOUR intentions for yourself this new year! 

With love,

Miss T.

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The Ultimate Happiness Equation: Is Happiness Really Something We Can Attain?

Humans work hard every day to reach their goals.

Sometimes we think if we work and work and work, we’ll get to this ultimate point in our lives. The high point of true happiness…

We think:

“I’ll be happy when I’m rich…”

“I’ll be happy when I’m retired…”

“When I finally have freedom, I’ll be happy…”

But, It Doesn’t Work This Way…

We will never get to this point of completion. Because the reality is, we are always growing. Always changing. Always reaching towards new goals.

There is no point waiting for happiness to reach this point.

This point will never come…

Learn To See Happiness In Growth.

It really is a simple equation to happiness.

Happiness = Growth

There is no happiness in stagnancy.

In fact, I’d say the equation would look something like this…

Stagnancy = Madness.

Because when we are stagnant… when we remain the same… When we are waiting to reach a certain point in our lives that will never come, we become depressed. The opposite of happiness.

This is true madness.

“Happiness is neither this thing nor that…. It is simply growth. We are happy when we are growing.”

-William Butler Yeats

We Are Happy When We Are Growing.

When we stretch our minds and learn new things. When we open our minds to different viewpoints and challenge our existing beliefs.

When we continuously set new goals and when we are accepting of the fact that we will ALWAYS be setting goals.

That we will ALWAYS be growing…

Be Happy Now.

Happiness is a choice.

You can choose to see it as something you attain, or you can choose to see it as something you experience everyday.

That you experience while you Grow. Learn. Change.

Remember, you will never reach a point of completion. You will never reach ultimate happiness.

But, you can choose to see it in the growth of each day.

With love,

Miss T.


The Science Behind Circles: What’s So Special About Circles And Why YOU Should Take Advantage Of Their Power

5 years ago, in my little Grade 1 & 2 opportunity classroom*, we began our days the same way each day…  

The pitter patter of little feet shuffled in the door and across the classroom to our “cozy carpet corner.” Here, my partner teacher would greet each one of them, inviting them to sit down. 

Each little bum would find a spot on the carpet, making a circle with their peers and the classroom teacher. You can bet that I joined them too… 😉

Our morning circle on the cozy carpet was our opportunity to come together and connect before we began the rest of our day. We’d say good morning to all of our classroom friends and everyone would have the opportunity to share what was on their mind or how they were feeling that day.

Even my most anxious students eagerly awaited their turn to speak at morning circle.

Gathering in a circle on the carpet became a ritual in our little classroom.

But, it’s not an uncommon one…

Gathering in circles has been a common occurrence throughout history. From King Arthur’s knights at the round table to our Indigenous peoples celebrating and storytelling around a fire.

Coming together in a circle is a part of our primitive roots. 

Human beings have been doing so for as long as we can remember – Or, as long as we can find records of.

But Why? What’s So Special About Circles?

Circles are repeatedly found all throughout nature. 

Just think about it for a moment… What greets us in the morning sky each waking day? And what lights up the darkness at night? 

Yes, I’m well aware that the moon isn’t ALWAYS out at night. It’s on a different cycle and makes its appearance during the day sometimes too. In fact, one morning I was greeted by BOTH the sun and moon! – How magical!

Moving on…

We too, are a part of nature. It’s part of who we are and why we have this internal longing to connect through circles.

But, I Wonder… Is There Something More To It? Is There Science Behind The Power Of Circles?

Researchers have been busy studying the circle…

And they’ve started to learn more and more about why the circle is so apparent in our history and why we are drawn to gathering in them – Why it’s in our nature to gather in them.

Circles, unlike other rigid shapes, provide a sense of security. A safety net.

When we form a circle, all ranks of authority seem to disappear…

No one is sitting up higher than another. No one is in front of another.

We are all the same distance apart.

It’s because of this that we feel a sense of security and unity in our circles.

We feel a part of a community.

We feel like we belong to something bigger than ourselves.

And we KNOW that belonging and connection is a human need. We have a NEED to belong.

When We Gather In A Circle Of A Group We Belong To, We Can Let Our Guards Down. 

We can open up. 

It is in circles where we feel most safe and can openly express ourselves authentically – without fear.

I was attending a Professional Development session led by some Psychologist (Wish I would have remembered to take their name down…) where I was first exposed to the science behind circles…

After that, I began noticing ALL the circles in my life and my past experiences where the safety net of a circle rang true.  

Not just from when I was a kid… But even more recent experiences too!

At the time, I had just started going to a new CrossFit gym. Being new to the area (and new to CrossFit in general), I found myself a little intimidated…

Typically, when I’m nervous…. I don’t say too much. But…

This CrossFit gym must have understood the power of circles too and helped me (and many others) open up.

At the beginning of each group class, we’d gather in a circle for a quick introduction and a little icebreaker “Question of the Day”. 

It was in this circle, I could authentically be me. And others could authentically be them.

(You would have never been able to tell who the introverts at the gym were!)

Because in that circle, everyone, if only for a moment, was an extrovert. 

Everyone was equal.

This CrossFit gym was KNOWN for its community. It had one of the tightest and welcoming communities thanks to its amazing coaches and their understanding and utilization of circles.

(I swear I’m not just saying that because one of the coaches is my boyfriend now… 😉)

I saw first hand why the circle represents unity…

And WHY we should continue to follow in our primitive roots. 

Especially in a time of high anxieties and worries. 

I hope this blog post inspires you to be on the lookout for circles in your own life and maybe even lead a few circles of your own.

With love,

Miss T.

*Opportunity Classroom – One of many special needs program, specifically for cognitive delays

Need Some Ideas?

Here are 6 Tips to Get You Started:

Whether you have your own classroom, manage a company, or have a family at home, you can apply these suggestions to your life and adapt them to fit your lifestyle and/or career.

  1. Hold Weekly/Monthly Sharing Circles

    I used to hold sharing circles with my students. Sometimes we just need to get something off our chest in order to move on with our days. Be respectful of one another. Have rules in place that prevent people from interrupting one another. With young children, a talking stick works magic here! If you’re unfamiliar with talking sticks, the rule is simply whoever holds the stick is the speaker at the moment while everyone else is listening compassionately. The speaker passes along the stick to the next person when they’re done. (Tip: For children, a sand timer is a wonderful cue to help children get out their thoughts but also be respectful of the next person’s time to speak… Come to think of it, I know some adults who could use a sand timer too… 😉)
  1. Icebreaker ‘Question of the Day’ Circles

    This is similar to what my Crossfit gym would do at the beginning of each group class. This is fun to try with a new group of people to get them to open up, but it could also be done among peers. In the classroom to start off your day or a certain block, in staff meetings to get a meeting started with some lightness, or even around the dinner table! The question could be ANYTHING! From more serious questions like “What are you grateful for?” to something silly like “If you had to pick between eating a donut from the garbage or going to work with stained clothes, what would you choose?”
  1. Mindfulness or Meditation Circles

    Collectively meditating, chanting or simply breathing together is POWERFUL. Doing so in a circle… even MORE powerful! Whether you have a classroom or club (like I used to), or work in an office with a team, everyone can benefit from a collective breath before proceeding with their day. Even consider doing this at home with your family! Take a deep breath before your meal. Or gather in a quick circle for a deep collective family breath before leaving your home to take your children to school.
  1. Circles around the Campfire (Storytelling, Singing, Dancing or just Having Fun!)

    This is probably something you do anyway but didn’t realize how powerful and unifying it is! Keep doing it, just be intentional about it. Get together with friends or family and spend time together. If someone knows how to play guitar, great! Get them to bring it along and sing a few songs together (Singing holds a powerful vibration of its own – more on that in another blog post). Or tell stories – real life or spooky ghost stories. Whatever floats your boat! 
  1. Arrange Your Furniture in a Circle

    I’ve only ever seen this done once in a classroom, but it would be cool if your students could go to class each day and really feel a part of the community you created! How about during staff meetings? Scrap the typical seating and move your chairs in a circle! I bet more people would start speaking up… What about at home? Can you rearrange your couches in a circular shape or sit at a round dining table more often?
  2. Hold Celebratory Circles

    Celebrating a birthday or someone special? What about when someone hits their targets at work or gets a promotion? I challenge YOU to find a quick minute to come together in a circle and celebrate! Celebrating others makes them and us feel great. And sadly, it’s not done enough… We don’t always “have the time” to celebrate others. Or, at least we think we don’t have the time… That celebration could be as quick and a congratulations and a group cheer or sing happy birthday! Look for those quick moments! You won’t regret it!
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Mindfulness Myths: Is Mindfulness For You?

When we think of Mindfulness, we often picture someone sitting cross-legged, eyes closed in a deep meditation, with a single goal of emptying the mind…

And while meditation CAN be a practice of Mindfulness, Mindfulness is not solely Meditation.

Unfortunately, people disregard Mindfulness because they think

“I can’t sit still for THAT long.”


“It’s impossible to NOT think!”

But Mindfulness is so much more than that!

Let’s Bust Our Preconceived Notions of Mindfulness.

Mindfulness is defined as being consciously aware of something…

… and this something can be ANYTHING!

Mindfulness is:

  • Taking a walk out in nature and fully immersing yourself in your surroundings
  • Mindfully eating a meal and using all 5 senses to heighten your food experience
  • Having a deep conversation and participating in active listening – this means not pulling out your phone mid-convo to answer a text…

All of these activities, as simple as they are, are a form of mindfulness.

Mindfulness doesn’t have to be complex. It just needs your presence.

Let’s Reframe Our View of Mindfulness.

It doesn’t have to be something we “add” into our day.

I want you to take a look at your schedule, right now. What do you have planned for the day? Can you do any of those activities mindfully?

Can you be fully present and engaged in your meetings?

Can you put your phone away at the dining table?

Can you limit your desire to multi-task and focus on one task at a time?

Mindfulness is a habit that can be built into our days. All it takes is a little creative thinking.

What do we get in return for living mindfully?

Mindfulness gives us back our lives. It allows us to get out of our own heads and into the “now.”

No more missing out on the life that is right in front of you.

It is time to experience every moment as it comes.

And I mean, REALLY experience it. All of it.

With love,

Miss T.

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Winter Blues? How I Finally Embraced This Upcoming Cold Season (And How You Can Too!)

Depending on where you are in the world, you might just be experiencing Fall weather… or Summer weather… or even Winter weather!

Here in Edmonton, Canada, Winter has arrived early! 

(Apparently old man winter didn’t quite check the calendar and is a little ahead of schedule :P)

But, that’s pretty typical here where I live. 

Despite the fact each year I hope and pray that winter doesn’t actually show up till Christmas time. 

Here’s the thing, I am NOT a winter person… 

Every year, I absolutely dread the arrival of winter (Yes, I know what you’re thinking.. Why haven’t I moved to somewhere warmer yet?!). 

Unlike many of my Canadian friends, I’m not big into winter sports or activities. There’s nothing for me to look forward to in winter…

Instead, I’m forced to say goodbye to hot weather, my garden, and days at the beach…

I Can’t Stand The Cold! 

I have poor circulation so that sure as heck doesn’t help me out. 

My skin dries out. My lips crack. My hair is a big ball of static electricity… 

Overall, not a great time…


In the last few years, specifically, once I moved outside the city and onto my old acreage, I’ve started to find the beauty in winter. 

Yes, I still dread it when it approaches (I’m a summer baby after all and I LIVE for the summer). But once it arrives, I find myself actually appreciating this season of cold.

Winter is a time to slow down. It reminds me that I am also a part of nature and it’s in my nature to slow down. To rest. To recuperate.

I am such a busy body – I love learning and doing. And all year long I spend my days hustling and bustling.

It’s too easy to forget to rest. 

But Winter… It forces me to rest. 

It forces us all to slow down and give into the natural season of hibernation. 

I’m Finding My Peace With Winter. 

And oddly, actually looking forward to life slowing down. 

(Trust me, 23 year old Cassandra would have NEVER thought this way before!)

But as I’m growing older, I feel a bit wiser. I feel like my perspective has changed about a lot of things – including the harshness of winter.

Don’t get me wrong, I still dislike the cold, and I won’t be the person who braves the outdoors at -30…

But, I’m not hating it either. 

There’s a lot of beautiful parts of winter too… 

Yes in slowing down, but also physically too!

The way the snow covers the trees and the glisten and sparkle on the ground after a big snowfall, oh, and the mountains…. 

The way the snow covers the rocky mountains is to DIE for.

There’s a lot to be grateful for this season.

And I’m grateful that I am finally able to see it.

Hopefully you can find gratitude in winter too.

With love,

Miss T.