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Student Celebrations: How I Spent My Time During The Last Week Of School

Last week was the LAST week of school for the year!


Even though I’m no longer an Educational Assistant working in the classroom, I still made time to visit my students before we said goodbye for the summer.

In fact…

During the final 2 days of school….

I basically spent all day on both days with my students!

It was a busy week. With lots of events!

Events that I just could not miss.

Grade 9 Farewell

This year, I worked primarily with Grade 9 students. This was my first year ever working with this age group!

I couldn’t miss their graduation…

It made it even easier to attend the whole night because my boyfriend ended up DJ’ing their Farewell Dance! 😛

It was a special day – setting up for the event, visiting my students, and of course…

Encouraging them to get their booty’s on the dance floor for one final evening with Miss T!

It was so amazing to watch them let loose and not care about what others were thinking of their dance moves.

I had my worries…

For a grade of students who spent all of their Junior High Years navigating COVID… who never got to experience school dances… who spent the last couple years social distancing…

They were able to put the last 2 years behind them and celebrate their hearts out…

My heart was bursting..

In between the ceremony and dance, I gave my Grade 9’s a Farewell gift. Something to remember me by, and to help guide them over the summer and over their High School Years.

I gifted them with my Gratitude Journal for Teens.

I was waiting for this moment all year!

I created this journal with THEM in mind. They were my inspiration.

And it was so fulfilling to be able to present them with my journal and a personal note written to each one of them by me.

They changed my life. They helped me grow. I wanted them to know that before they took off to High School.

That they too, had made an impact on me…


That meant more celebrations! We capped off the year with a Talent Show AND MORE dance parties!!

The day began back at my old school to watch the Talent show.

It was inspiring to see all of these kids muster up the courage to expose themselves on the stage in front of the whole school.

Kids are amazing. They surprise me each and ever year.

I got to watch kids of all ages from grades 4-9 display their talent for the whole school to see!

Tears were most definitely shed…

It was a beautiful ending to the crazy first year at this brand new school.

After the talent show, I headed over to our younger sister school for…


That my boyfriend DJ’d once again! 😛

(In fact, he’s basically the Edmonton Public School Boards resident volunteer DJ :P)

When my Elementary School – Sherwood – closed down last year, the younger students (Kindergarten-Grade 3) went over to this school.

It was a beautiful reunion!

I spend the afternoon reconnecting with old students and dancing our little hearts out! Again… 😛

It reminded me how much a miss the younger grades…

I felt very grateful to be a part of their special event for the last day of school.

But… The Day Didn’t End There…

After the dance party at the K-3 school, I drove back across the street (good thing these schools are close!) and spent the last hour and a half wandering the halls of my 4-9 school giving out goodbye’s, see you later’s, and big bear hugs!

Some of my students would be returning, when others would not.

It hurts my heart a little not knowing when I’ll see them next (and if I’ll see them next).


I’m grateful to have made an impact while I could.

I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to be in some of their lives – even if only for a short while.

I know these kids will do amazing things one day!

If they continue to follow their hearts and live life with kindness in mind.

Happy Summer my friends!

With love,

Miss T.

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