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Out With The Old! Why My Last 7 Years of Teaching Taught Me It’s Time To Ditch Our Current Education System…

Warning: This topic might be a little controversial for some..

But, and important topic nonetheless!

After my time working in our traditional education system, I cant help but wonder…

Would you send your kids off to factory assembly-line training?

You wouldn’t.

Well, why do you send them off to school each day?

Newsflash: It’s the SAME thing!

Our School System is Outdated.

It was crafted in the time of the Industrial Revolution.

The Education System was simply training grounds for assembly-line work.

Times Have Changed.

People are no longer working in factories the same way they did during the 1800’s.

We have advanced so far in technology.

We have machines that do that work for us.

So… why hasn’t our Education System advanced?

Working in the classroom opened my eyes up to the shocking realities of our current system.

Our System Teaches Kids WHAT to Think Instead of HOW to Think!

It does not encourage kids to be critical, free-thinkers.

It teaches kids to believe what they are told.

Everything they’re told…

But we need kids to question things!

We need curious kids who can problem solve with out-side-of-the-box thinking!

This current system limits their thinking.

Our System Focuses on Weaknesses Instead of Capitalizing on Strengths!

All day, we mark and grade things. All with the purpose of improving our student’s weaknesses.

Yes, learning and improving are important…

… But focusing solely on weaknesses doesn’t give our students the chance to develop their strengths.

We need to show our students how to exploit their strengths.

For their future!

Our System Focuses on ONE Particular Standard… For ALL!

It assumes all of our students are the same…

We expect the same things from each one:

  • We expect all A’s.
  • We expect all to listen.
  • We expect all to sit still.

The reality is… all our kids are different! We need to embrace their individuality!

We need to model the importance of standing out!

It’s miserable, for both students and teachers, to focus on expectations that are near impossible to meet.

Do We Really Want to Live in a World Where Everyone Does and Thinks the Same?

A world where everyone is training for the assembly-line?

To live each day without thinking their own thoughts?

Don’t we want – scratch that – NEED a system that encourages individuality, capitalizes on strengths and promotes critical and creative thinking?

It’s time to decide if our current Education System is really doing anything for our kids’ future.

I can see that it isn’t…

And my hopes, for our student and our future, is that you see it too…

It’s time for a change!

With love,

Miss T.

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