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How A Simple (Okay- Not So Simple) Mountain Hike Had Me Feeling On Top Of The World

What has you feeling on top of the world?

Like nothing could stop you?


This past weekend, I lived that feeling.

On top of the world…

And from my perspective, I WAS on top of the world…

I Had A Goal

I told myself when I turned 30, I would climb Mount Rundle.

Mount Rundle is a steep and angled mountain in Banff, Alberta. The hike up to the summit is 115.2 km at an elevation of 1738m.

Why the hell would I want to climb that mountain…?

Don’t worry, I asked myself that question too.

Mount Rundle was my Grampa’s favourite mountain.

(And no, I didn’t spell that wrong… He preferred it be spelled how it sounds G-R-A-M-P-A.) 😛

He used to hike all over Banff (and, well.. the world), but that was his favourite mountain.

One Christmas after he’d passed, my Grandmother had a photo of that mountain framed and gifted it to my dad.

It’s been in my living room for the last 17 years…

And I told myself…

One Day… I’d Climb That Mountain.

And so… My 30th birthday rolled around on August 5th, 2022…

I went out there…

And made it happen.

And… I did it!

Myself, my boyfriend, and a wonderful group of friends hiked our asses to the top of that mountain!

It took all day – 8 long hours.

My legs were aching.

My feet were sore.

But none of that mattered once we were at the top of the mountain…

I mean… Top of the world!

Feeling Unbeatable.

Nothing beats the feeling of setting a goal and then conquering that goal.

Especially when that goal is deeply personal.

Conquering this goal meant soul fulfillment.

Fulfilling my soul with meaning and…

a killer mountain-top view.

With love,

Miss T.