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How A Simple (Okay- Not So Simple) Mountain Hike Had Me Feeling On Top Of The World

What has you feeling on top of the world?

Like nothing could stop you?


This past weekend, I lived that feeling.

On top of the world…

And from my perspective, I WAS on top of the world…

I Had A Goal

I told myself when I turned 30, I would climb Mount Rundle.

Mount Rundle is a steep and angled mountain in Banff, Alberta. The hike up to the summit is 115.2 km at an elevation of 1738m.

Why the hell would I want to climb that mountain…?

Don’t worry, I asked myself that question too.

Mount Rundle was my Grampa’s favourite mountain.

(And no, I didn’t spell that wrong… He preferred it be spelled how it sounds G-R-A-M-P-A.) 😛

He used to hike all over Banff (and, well.. the world), but that was his favourite mountain.

One Christmas after he’d passed, my Grandmother had a photo of that mountain framed and gifted it to my dad.

It’s been in my living room for the last 17 years…

And I told myself…

One Day… I’d Climb That Mountain.

And so… My 30th birthday rolled around on August 5th, 2022…

I went out there…

And made it happen.

And… I did it!

Myself, my boyfriend, and a wonderful group of friends hiked our asses to the top of that mountain!

It took all day – 8 long hours.

My legs were aching.

My feet were sore.

But none of that mattered once we were at the top of the mountain…

I mean… Top of the world!

Feeling Unbeatable.

Nothing beats the feeling of setting a goal and then conquering that goal.

Especially when that goal is deeply personal.

Conquering this goal meant soul fulfillment.

Fulfilling my soul with meaning and…

a killer mountain-top view.

With love,

Miss T.

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How To Celebrate Earth Day With Your Kids: Including 5 Revolutionary Reads For You And Your Child!

Earth Day is around the corner! (Quite literally… TOMORROW!)

It is personally, one of my favourite days of the year!

Want to know why…?

Because no matter who you are, what background you come from, no matter your differences, we share one commonality…

We are ALL inhabitants of this planet we call home…

And it is up to us to care for and maintain this home!

We have the ability to impact the Earth, AND it’s future generations.

We can TEACH the young kids in our lives to love and respect the Earth.

We can teach them WHY its important to do so!

And so I ask:

How will you choose to teach them this?

There are SO many ways to influence our kids!

But, if you need a little help with some inspiration…

Check Out These Revolutionary Reads About Caring For Our Earth:

#1: Touch the Earth – Julian Lennon

The first few book recommendations are part of a series. ‘Touch the Earth’ is the first book of this 3-part series, written by John Lennon’s son, Julian Lennon! Julian takes kids (and big kids like myself) on an adventure of the Earth in the ‘White Feather Flier’ airplane. On these travels, he shows us how we can all make the Earth a better place.

Fun Fact: The name of The White Feather Flier is inspired by his father and his humanitarian efforts.

#2: Heal the Earth – Julian Lennon

In the second book of this series, Julian takes us on another adventure of the Earth in the ‘White Feather Flier’! This time, we learn the importance of caring for our worlds water supply and how to reverse some of the damage that humans have already done to the Earth.

He reminds us its not too late to make a difference!

#3: Love the Earth – Julian Lennon

In this final book of the series, Julian Lennon teaches us to use the power of love to protect the Earth and its inhabitants! He shows us that all parts of the Earth are connected and why it’s important to help other creatures that need it. The Earth is more than just a home for humans…

He reminds us that we can solve any problem if we just work together!

#3: The Earth Book – Todd Parr

This fun and simple book is filled with ways that we can take care of the Earth! Todd Parr is a funny and inspiring author! We can all learn a thing or two from him.

Fun Fact: This book is printed on recyclable materials and nontoxic soy inks!! He practices what he preaches!!

#5: The Lorax – Dr. Seuss

This book is a classic that never gets old… Even Dr. Seuss knew way back then of the importance of the Earth and it’s trees! A beautiful reminder of the tragedies that could happen if we neglect our Earth and cut down trees at an alarming rate!I resonate with the Lorax… As a being who also “speaks for the trees!”

I hope you enjoy the inspiration from these books!

I’ll leave you with one final thought…

Kids learn more from what we DO, rather than what we SAY…

The learning doesn’t stop after reading these books.

Please don’t think:

“Okay, I did my part. Now I’m done…”

It doesn’t work like this.

Go out in the world and actively do something to make it a better place for all of us to live.

Kids learn through involvement! And they learn from your actions!

So, I ask one more time…

How will YOU teach them how to care for the Earth?

With love (for you and for the Earth),

Miss T.